How to build your own DIY fogger

Here is a list of the main items you will need to build a High Quality DIY fogger.

3 Disk ultrasonic mist maker kit from House of hydro.

Waterproof fan kit from House of hydro. 3 inch stainless steel screws and bolts for mounting to lid.


Hole saw drill bits

5 gallon bucket or tote.

Step drill bit for easy hole drilling you can also use various drill bits but note this is a bit more difficult to work with.

PVC pipe 2 inch or larger I have found the larger in diameter the better flow you can accomplish. Also will need couplings,elbows and end caps.

We will start with your water reservoir. Whatever your choice is 5 gallon bucket or some type of tote. We will need to drill a appropriate size hole in the lid using your hole saw for your fan and PVC fitting. (Note I made my holes furthest away from each other as possible). Insure you have enough space from the edge so you will be able to mount your fan. For mine I used a 4 inch hole saw. Be careful when starting to drill your hole as the plastic on some lids will crack easily. To help prevent this you can start your drill in reverse to get the hole started you can continue this method to finish making the hole. Another tip is to allow the bit to do all the work with little to no force. Do the same procedures for your PVC hole.

Next let’s mount your water proof adjustable fan.  Now that you have your hole drilled out put your fan in place and mark the holes you will need to mount the fan. I used a drill bit that would fit in the mounting holes and made a mark on the lid in all 4 corners this will be easy to see where you will need to drill your holes. Once done just mount it using your stainless steel screws & bolts. Tip for keeping nut from vibrating loose I used stainless steel lock washers.

Let’s move onto getting your PVC hose fitted and routed. You will first need to use a PVC coupling that will have a male and female that will screw together to fit the hole size you choose to go with. I use this method so that the PVC pipe does not fall into the bucket or when ever I need to fill or maintenance the bucket/tote. I just pull the pipe up and out of the fitting. From here you just need to make cuts that will lead to where you want the fog to come out from. At the end of your pipe you can cap it off and drill multiple holes in the side of the pipe so you will have more fog throughout the cageIf you are using this for multiple cages like I have, just have the pipe cut to the length you need and add a cap at the end. Then drill a hole or holes on the side of the pipe. It is not necessary to glue the pipe together just simply slide the fittings together nice a snug and your good to go. When choosing what size hole will give you the best results always start off smaller. You can always go bigger as needed. Pro tip a Step drill bit will be your best friend!

Last of all we need to add your UV light into your water source as this will create 254 nm wavelength for the most powerful algae, bacteria, and mold killing power.